The Bellevue Collection…
Effortlessly Connected to All that You Love.

You can’t find a more connected home than one at The Bellevue Collection, just a sky bridge away from your front door at Two Lincoln Tower.

• Enjoy more than 200 fabulous shops

• Explore the world’s best and most desirable brands from around the globe

• Amazing access to both casual dining and the finest of restaurants; satisfy every craving and desire, with more than 50 dining options available—and more to come

The Bellevue Collection and Downtown Bellevue are part of an active cultural scene, hosting annual citywide events and festivals, in addition to unique programs at the award-winning Bellevue Arts Museum and the forthcoming Tateuchi Performing Arts Center.

Live it all here—All in one place.

The Bellevue Collection features a desirable mix of international brands. Shop for your individual style, whether it’s global fashion, home decor, original art or the most current tech innovations. Delight in chef-inspired restaurants, a variety of cultural cuisines, and fresh farm-to-table creations.

Explore a wealth of options for spirited nights on the town. Enjoy every possibility you could want for an evening with friends, without ever having to start your car.

• Cinemas

• Live music

• Billiards, bowling and games

• Numerous chic and stylish lounges and fashionable hotspots

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